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Steeped in Tradition

All my longbows are made from the finest hand-selected Osage Orange. Highly prized by Native Americans for there Bows. For example, it was common you could trade a horse and blanket for an Osage Bow. Split by hand to take advantage of grain patterns each bow is built and signed by me. and comes with a Flemish twist bowstring and a hand-stitched leather handle wrap. Each bow is unique and one of a kind because every piece of wood is different.

A Range of Longbows

I provide many common and unique longbows that are suitable for people just starting a hobby as well as those of us who are fully ingrained into the hobbyist club. From a selection of bows and arrows, my product range is wide and expansive with something in stock for every hobbyist whatever your skill level. Additionally, I also sell limited edition items which can be the perfect gift for a friend or family.

Bows are $300 custom requests extra

Bespoke Longbows


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